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Amenities: Private bath, air conditioning, latest in mattress technology, full breakfast, chocolate, water upon arrival, wine/beer in evening. Smart TV available for rooms.

Priscilla's Guest Room

Beautiful views to south towards Table Mountain and east towards Mount Harris and Mount Fanny. This room has comfortable rocking and sitting chairs and its own private bath with original tile and fixtures. This room boasts an extremely comfortable adjustable queen bed with hybrid spring and cooling memory foam mattresses, as do all of the other rooms. Priscilla was August's wife and loved to entertain. Local legend says that Bing Crosby once stayed in this room!

Ann's Room

Look west to the Blues through these large casement windows, which actually open up to a beautiful balcony in warmer weather! Ann's Suite includes a King bed, a private Fireplace Living Room with private bath and a comfortable pullout couch for two additional adults or children. Ann was the elder of the Stange daughters and shared the suite with Jane, the younger daughter. As in all the rooms, steam registers keep toasty warm in winter and air conditioning will be available for the torrid Eastern Oregon summers!

Jane's Room

This add-on room may be booked with Master Suite or Ann's suite and has a comfortable Queen bed and large wardrobe. A large bank of casement windows look out toward Mount Emily to the north and Rooster Peak to the west. Comfortable Queen bed allows for two extra adults or children.

August's Master Suite

Stately King Bed in August's Master Suite with large built-in wardrobe and huge walk-in closet. This suite boasts a large private bathroom with original tile and fixtures. Also includes an elegant Queen bed nestled in another section of the suite. The long cast-iron steam heat registers keep the room toasty warm. A bank of picture windows allows excellent morning and evening light and can be easily blacked out with insulated shades. Beautiful views north towards Mount Emily and east towards the Grande Ronde Valley. August was the patriarch of the Stange family and founder of Mount Emily Lumber Company.